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My Services

Specialty Services

Blogs for Mental Health Professionals

I have a special interest in producing content for blogs associated with therapy practices. As a counseling student and someone who has gone through therapy, I have first-hand experience of the kind of material clients are hoping to find when they come looking at your site. I’m happy to manage a blog completely so you don’t have to think about it, or to collaborate with you on a vision you already had to help you bring it to life. Adding a blog to your site can be a great way to draw in clients, provide resources outside of sessions, and to provide information to help people improve their mental health. If you prefer to do your own writing, I can also serve as an editor for your content, to help you fix up your drafts and make sure your work is error-free before you post it. . Please contact me to discuss how I can best help you increase the success of your practice.

Personal Essays

My other specialty is personal essays, including college application essays, graduate or medical school personal statements, scholarship submissions, or other statements of intent. Personal essays are difficult to write; no one likes talking about themselves. But together, we can create something that you can be proud of. I won’t write these for you, because I think to be effective the core needs to come from you. But I will work with you through written feedback or a coaching session to build your essay into something that represents the awesome person you are. My process involves learning what you want to do, why you want to do it, and what you want to convey about yourself. Then I help you create a first draft, and then we work as a team to flesh that out into a full essay. It may take a session or two, but by the end of it you will have a solid statement. I am also happy to edit drafts that you’ve already written, if you don’t need help writing, but would still like someone to help you turn your first draft into the final product. You can reach out to talk to me about what the best option is for you.

*Since personal statements tend to take more development, I charge $110 for a package of two coaching sessions, instead of the flat-rate of $65 that I charge for a standard coaching session.

Let’s Connect to Get Started

General Services


I have the most experience with writing blogs. I write both short and long-form posts, and am able to work with any topic. I can give you something conversational, or if you prefer something that’s very much research-based, I can work with that as well. It is most important to me that I am meeting your needs. I charge per project, and prices will depend on what sort of blog, how long, and how much work is involved outside of the actual writing. I will do one-time jobs, or if you have an interest in starting a long-term relationship, we can definitely work something out. I also write other kinds of content, including cover letters, Emails, and other communications. Contact me to talk about what you need, and I will absolutely be honest with you about whether I’m comfortable doing it. Transparency is very important to me, so I won’t tell you I can produce something for you if I can’t.


I have been editing papers for a living for several years, and can work with you at any level. If you have a very rough first draft and want someone to help you to develop it into a complete product, I can talk with you live or over Email to make a plan to bring your ideas to life. If you already have an almost-finished draft, and just need someone to proofread it as the final step, I can also accomplish that for you. I will work with any piece of writing at any stage, and you never need to be embarrassed about what you send in, no matter what shape it’s in. Remember, just like a doctor, I’ve always seen worse. So please get in touch to discuss your needs.


You can combine my coaching with any of my other writing or editing services. This is the option you should select if you want to work with me one-on-one, either on a single piece of content, or on a longer project. I will host an hour-long session on the phone or over zoom, where we will look at your writing together, and I will give you feedback, suggestions, and ideas of how to proceed. I can help you brainstorm ideas, improve a rough draft, or refine something that’s almost finished. I also run focus sessions: if you want to write but have trouble sitting down in a chair and doing it, I will sit with you and be your accountability partner and cheerleader, to help you finish what you want to do. I charge a flat rate of $65 for active coaching sessions, and $45 for the Focus sessions (for these sessions, if you want to have multiple people together in the session, like a writing group, that’s terrific. Just remember that I will not be coaching; I am simply there to facilitate and help you stay on task).

There is a discount if you purchase 4 or more coaching sessions at a time, and a package of two sessions for personal essay work is discounted to $110. If you think any of the services listed here could help, then please reach out, and Let’s Get Started.

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